Reading and reports

If you are interested in receiving a report on your play, please fill out the contact details below, and I’ll be in touch. Let me know when you intend to submit the script and by what date you want a report in the comments field. If I need to adjust the timeframe because of my other commitments, I will let you know.)

A simple one-page report that includes a summary of the narrative, followed by an assessment of how well the play achieves what appears to be the intended effect for an audience, costs A$247, which reflects the time required both to read effectively and to create an appropriate response.

For the one-page report, plus two pages of suggestions of continued work to do (which may include exercises, scenes to focus work upon, suggested ways to go about editing among others things) will total A$397.

If you simply want to submit your script somewhere, and are looking for formatting suggestions, in Australia, the UK and in Commonwealth countries (excluding Canada) has the best guide here. For Canada and the USA, follow Green Bay’s Evergreen Theatre’s formatting guide here. Format seems to be more important to follow in the US and Canada than in the other Commonwealth countries – what’s most important in formatting is that a director, crew and actors can read simply what they need to stage or say.

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