Theatre and screen

Not just about my work - but also tips and exercises that I like to share - the stuff that I use in my own writing, writing workshops and in giving script feedback

Australia and Britain

I've been based in London for the last decade, and now I'm back in Melbourne, too! (Dividing time between continents makes me sound like a Flash Gordon villain, but it's necessary.)

There's a lot to talk about when it comes to theatre and writing around the world, so feel free to leave thoughts, comments and questions

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What are we looking for?

Some New South Wales HSC drama students come here looking for information about Falling Petals.

Generally, the questions remain the same, so I'll be answering the most often asked questions about that play on this site very soon.

Thanks for finding me, in any case

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Different ways of working

Looking at the different connections you can make between different art forms is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Sometimes I head off into a secluded spot to paint or make a mixed media work. Doing that always teaches me something else about the ways we make stories.

Similarly, when teaching writing workshops to students at the Royal College of Art, London, using words in a more experimental way helps them re-contextualise and re-invigorate their art practice.

When it comes to creativity, nothing need be wasted.

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National Play Festival 2015, Adelaide, Australia

I’m extremely pleased to share the news that my play, Keith, will be one of the plays featured at this year’s National Play Festival at the Adelaide Festival Centre in Australia. Playwriting Australia’s annual event really is on the bucket list of every playwright born or living in Australia. More information about the Festival, the other

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September 2014

As the page about me on Wikipedia says, I used to have a blog called Parachute of a Playwright, but that’s no more. I deleted the posts, but didn’t keep the url. If you go there these days, someone I don’t know is running it. My guess is by an incompetent robot made from hose

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